New playground equipment at four city parks could be installed by the end of the summer.

The City of Prince George is looking to install the new equipment at Byng, St. Mary’s, North College and Eaglesnest.

Manager of Parks Sean LeBrun says they would like to move quickly.

“Once we select a supplier and installer we will work with them on a construction schedule and the hope would be to of course have it completed as soon as possible, by all means, we would shoot to have playground equipment installed by September before kids start heading back to school.”

Lebrun adds the announcement comes after numerous discussions. “We hand an external audit done last year and what was recommended was the complete removal of many of the existing playgrounds because they were basically at the end of their life cycle and they had many hazards that could not be feasibly repaired.”

Several playgrounds in Prince George need to be replaced according to the Canadian Standards Association.

Prince George’s five-year Playground Plan outlines a schedule to replace 25 of the 66 playgrounds with new equipment.

The plan also involves the removal of 20 playgrounds, though the locations will remain as parkland or open green spaces.

That does not include school playgrounds.