Goals from Prince Geroge Cougars players like Jesse Gabrielle and Radovan Bondra not only brought fans to their feet but also money to the community.

For every Cougars goal scored at home this season and playoffs, MNP LLP donated $10 to the Prince George Community Foundation (PGCF). The cats scored 151 goals, which equates to $1510 for the organization.

MNP started this initiative last year, and partner Andrew Adams says the accounting and tax firm did so because to give back to the community.

“We all live up here in the north, we’re all part of it so to have an opportunity to work with the Cougars and support them as they’re scoring goals to give money to the Community Foundation it’s just a win-win.”

PGCF Executive Director Cindy Storozinski says funding like this will help residents learn about the organization and its philanthropic work in the city. She says it’s fantastic to be the recipient of this money, especially since it’s being reinvested into Prince George.

“The community gains not only with a wonderful hockey team scoring and doing well but they’re actually gaining something in the monetary way, too,” she says, “the most exciting part of it is as how it’s so collaborative and how everybody’s working together as a team.”

This is just another of the community collaborations the Cougars were apart of this season. One example is the team’s mega 50/50 jackpots, which sent money to Big Brothers Big Sisters Prince George, Canadian Tire, and Spirit of the North. Being involved in the community is something Cougars’ VP of Business Andy Beesley says is important to the new ownership.

“We’re working with a sponsor who gets a lot of credit for this and gets to feel good about their donation, it works for the charity, of course, who receives money, and it works for the Cougars because our fans love it and we get to facilitate the sort of thing happening.”

Left Wing Jesse Gabrielle was the biggest donation catalyst this season. His 35 goals lead the Cougars and scored PGCF $350.