The inaugural PG Pet Expo at the Roll-A-Dome on Sunday was a smashing success.

Animal lovers and exhibitors of all types came in droves to support the BC SPCA.

The main attraction was the Therapy Dog demonstrations performed by RCMP Victim Services and the Caring K-9 Institute.

Leah Dodd is the owner of Caring K-9 who showcased some Level 4 training with her dog Hank.

Therapy Dog Hank ready for Level 4 training at PG Pet Expo

She says some subtle differences exist between the four levels.

“We start out at the first level where they learn the basic obedience and the rules of what this type of work is and then as they progress they do more of the therapy work where we teach the dogs and the owners how to focus on the people and pick out the ones who are upset. The job is to find that person who is upset and giving them those skills.”

The event also featured a Llama courtesy of the Pineview 4-H Club.

Local youth Rhiannon Maybin is a member of the organization who was looking after Monique who turned out to be very popular with the public.

Rhiannon Maybin with Monique at PG Pet Expo

“She came from Victoria and she is Argentine-style, we were walking down by Mr. PG and everybody was rolling down their windows and taking selfies with her.”

Monique is a big part of Maybin’s current situation with the 4-H group. “This is my project as we have to do public relations and we have to bring it out into the community and talk about Monique. During the fair we do an obstacle course where we go through water, over jumps and even zig zags. ”

The expo is aiming to become a yearly occurrence in Prince George.