A second “Pop-Up” US Consulate is coming to the Prince George Public Library’s Bob Harkins Branch.

It runs from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on July 27.

The first installment held in March was very well received. “We had quite a turnout the last time a few months ago when we came to Prince George and that’s why we decided to come up again because there is a large American citizen population demanding the services,” says Peter Davidian with the American Citizen Services. “I think it was between 35 and 40 applications and that was probably with about 20 families, some families had multiples of services. It was quite a high turnout for the trip that we took and that’s why we’ve decided to come again.”

Davidian also gave a snapshot in terms of what services will be provided. “US passport renewals and first-time passports. We also do a document for American citizens who have had children born in Canada and it’s called a consular report of a birth abroad.”

While drop-ins are welcome, Davidian says they would prefer if you booked an appointment ahead of time. “One or two weeks ahead of time would be nice if they were to contact us because that gives us a chance to see what kind of service they need and inform them what kind of documents that they need to prepare and bring with them to the pop-up of the consulate.”

The event also eases the burden for those who would otherwise be forced to fly to Vancouver Davidian says.

“We make a visit all across our district, which includes British Columbia and the Yukon once a month to make it easier for the American citizens because you know Canada is a very large country and our district is geographically very large and there a lot of American citizens here, so to make it easier for them if we can just send two people out and they can serve multiple families that really helps.”

Fees for services vary from $100 to $130.

The ACS will accept various forms of payment including money orders or a US bank cheque.

Took book an appointment, you can call 604-685-4311 or email VancouverACS@state.gov.