The role seems to be expanding for Prince George during the recent wildfires that swept through the Cariboo.

Over 800 people have registered at the city’s Emergency Evacuation Centre.

If you would like to open up your home, Mayor Lyn Hall explains the process.

“If you want to put your house up and invite evacuees into your home come on down to the registration centre at CNC and we’ve got a huge community bulletin board, put your sticky up there with your name, your address and your phone number and let the evacuees take a look at it and give you a call.”

CNC and the Northern Sports Centre opened up their buildings to those affected over the weekend.

Two more facilities will set up shop to those displaced from 100 Mile House and surrounding area.

“UNBC was one of the two that I was referring to, were opening up an evacuation centre at PGSS and we’re anticipating upwards of 600 people coming from 100 Mile House. The evacuation notice when up around 8:30 last night so those folks are on their way and they could very easily have arrived here in the middle of the night,” says Hall.

A lot of people expressed a desire to drop off donated materials to those affected, but Hall says everyone should refrain from donating at this time.

“We are fully stocked but we’re having people come by with non-perishable stuff for pets and the other thing is that we’ve had a tremendous amount of water delivered and snacks. Part of the problem is that we have no place to stockpile tons and tons of things that are dropped off to us.”

Hall is hoping the region doesn’t suffer the same fate as their Alberta counterparts.

“It’s on my mind. It’s on everybody’s mind and we saw what happened in Fort McMurray and we have our fingers crossed and we pray that we don’t face the same situation that we’ve got down in the Cariboo.”

The city will continue to be welcome people with open arms during this difficult time.

“The role we play has been growing and growing over the last 48 hours and we’re up for it and we’re really wanting these evacuees to know that we’re ready for them and our doors are wide open. Come on up to Prince George,” says Hall.

On a positive note, the evacuation alert for the McBride Timber Road South area has been rescinded.