The Calgary Hitmen introduced their new big three at a news conference this week.

Jeff Chynoweth was named the team’s General Manager.


He has the credentials for the job; Chynoweth spent 16 seasons as GM of the Kootenay Ice and was Team President after the death of his dad Ed in 2008.

Dallas Ferguson was hired as team’s head coach.


I can’t say I know much about Ferguson, who coached the University of Alaska men’s hockey team to a record of 139-151-42 over nine seasons; he began as an assistant with Alaska in 2004.

This decision is a gamble, but he brings with him a clean 0-0 WHL record.

Dallas Thompson was named the team’s Director of Player Personnel.


Dallas Thompson was named Director of Player Personnel.

No … not THAT Dallas Thompson … YES, that’s the one!

Maybe the Hitmen meant “Dallas” Ferguson was also going to be director of player personnel.

No, not at all!

Are we talking THE Dallas Thompson of Prince George Cougars fame?

Yes, that’s the one!

THE Dallas Thompson who was the son-in-law of the former Cougars owner?

That’s the one!

THE Dallas Thompson who compiled a 256-422-17-35 record in his 10 seasons as the Cougars GM?

That’s the one!

We all may need to take a deep breath to comprehend the news that it is really THE Dallas Thompson.

Granted, THE Dallas Thompson may not have been a fan favorite during his lengthy tenure with the Cougars, but a new chapter has presented itself.

The 43-year-old Hayter, Alberta native played three seasons in the WHL for the Tacoma Rockets (1992-93, 1993-04, and 1994-95).

His 532 penalty minutes in 206 games is a strong indication of how the defenceman liked to play the game.

After his playing career was complete, he did not have to wait long before landing a role as an assistant coach with the PG Cougars in 1998-99, the start of 16 seasons with the team.

His marriage and relationship with the team’s owner was never a secret.

Once the Cougars were sold in 2014, THE Dallas Thompson understood and accepted his time in Northern BC was up as Todd Harkins was pegged by the new EDGEPRO ownership group to take over the GM’s chair.

THE Dallas Thompson was in the prime of his life when he started to seek employment for other jobs, with his preference to remain in hockey.

He had devoted much of his life to the game and felt most comfortable as a rink rat.

THE Dallas Thompson was fortunate not to be without work long; the Calgary Hitmen agreed to give him a role as the team’s BC scout in 2015, and this week, he landed a significant promotion.

No, it’s not another GM position, but if he excels in what is a head scouting job, perhaps one day he could get bumped up again.

Does he deserve a second chance to prove himself?

Sure! If one team is willing to utilize his services, what’s to stop them?

He started from the bottom again and has begun to climb the ladder, and this time without the influence of close family.

THE Dallas Thompson can’t hide from his lack of success in Prince George, but only a select few really knows what went on behind the scenes.

An enormous challenge awaits THE Dallas Thompson who obviously believes he is an expert in assessing teenage hockey talent.

The Hitmen also believe in his abilities, otherwise they would not have named him to a key role in their organization.

THE Dallas Thompson was in his 20’s and 30’s while learning on the job in Prince George, during a pressure-filled trying time when wins were scarce to come by.

With experience under his belt, he has a new start, a prime role under a new regime, in a different city, in a different province under completely different circumstances.

Yes, you heard it right; THE Dallas Thompson is back in the WHL.

That’s the one!!


The Atlanta Falcons will be back and I want the Falcons to hear that from me now, at the beginning of the show because I know they will stop paying attention three-quarters of the way in.

*ESPYS host Peyton Manning


Chicago Cubs outfielder John Jay pitched a scoreless ninth inning in a recent game despite throwing pitches in the 50s. In related news Jamie Moyer just un-retired.

*Comedy writer Janice Hough of Palo Alto, California


103 years ago, Babe Ruth made his Major League Baseball debut. The losing pitcher, Larry King, went six-and-two-thirds innings.

*Comedy writer Alex Kaseberg


MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says the day will come when technology will have a computer calling balls and strikes. Currently it will not work as any irate manager can crash the system by just kicking dirt on the sensors.

*Comedy writer Tony Chong of Vancouver


Two players at the World Series of Poker got into an altercation when one of them was texting at the table. The worst part is he was texting his girlfriend to ask her if a full house beats two pair.

*Comedy writer Jim Barach of WCHS-TV in Charleston, W.Va.,


Russia’s Daniil Medvedev threw a handful of coins in the direction of the chair umpire after his 2nd round loss at Wimbledon.  Medvedev apologists say he simply mistook the end of the match for a change-over.

*Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times



Cornerback Shareece Wright took a 450-mile Uber ride to Buffalo to make the Bills’ voluntary
off-season workout.  At the very least, he’s a lock for the taxi squad.”

*Comedy writer RJ Currie


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