Drew Doig put on a show once again, piling up another 13 points and giving the RPR Mechanical/BX Pub Bandits a 16-7 win over the Co-op Petroleum Stylers in the Prince George Senior Lacrosse playoffs.

His nine goals and four assists made life miserable for Stylers goaltender Ray Masson, who was forced to go the distance thanks to an injury to starting goaltender Kyle Frederick.

The all-world performance didn’t surprise Bandits forward Brock Paciejewski.

“He’s not the biggest guy in the world; he just crashes out there and always seems to find an open spot. He’s like an apple tree out there too because he always finds the right path and gets a lot of guys goals. I grew up across the street from him, so maybe I have a little bit of chemistry with him.”

Paciejewski put up four points in the victory filling in for his brother Cole, who is currently battling wildfires.

“I think I am about 10 points short of what Cole would normally be getting, but I try and fill in where I can.”

The win puts the Bandits back in the final against the Westwood Pub Devils with Game One beginning Tuesday from Kin 1.

Paciejewski believes depth could be the key to the winning the championship this year.

“I think if we have our key guys, it could be a good series for sure, but if we are missing more guys, I think the Devils could have a leg up on us to be honest.

The Devils will be looking to exact revenge on the Bandits, who beat them in the league championship last season.

The Stylers were also without second-leading scorer Douglas Porter.