You’ll know exactly what you’re getting if you buy at the 4H Auction at the BCNE this weekend.

On Saturday evening, hormone-free beef, pork, chicken, lamb goat and rabbit will be offered for sale by local 4H kids including Blake Crow, who has a swine in the auction this year.

He describes the auction like an ethical consumer’s dream.

“It’s buying local. We work very hard with our animals. All the animals are grain-fed and they’re antibiotic-free. They have better meat, I’d say, because we’re not like a slaughter market. We have one animal and we work get that animal perfect.”

If you’re interested in getting all of the details about your potential purchase, Crowe says they host an open house beginning at 4pm.

“We go in there before and we talked to the buyers and tell them about our projects, about the animals, and we get to meet a lot of people. Also, people can bid on them with their friends and [get] halves or quarters.”

Registration for the auction begins at 3 pm. Each animal purchased can be transported to a government slaughter facility. Buyers also have the option to have the animal taken to a butcher of their choice.