The United Way of Northern BC (UWNBC) will continue to make life better for children and families across the north thanks to a recent contribution.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development awarded $250,000 to the group on Monday that will assist Child and Family Early Year Initiatives across the region.

How the money is spent comes down to what each community needs.

“Stakeholders in those areas that are involved and very knowledgeable about early years and they then assess what their community needs for their area and then they just send in a proposal to us and we grant them that money,” says Roberta Squire, United Way of Northern BC CEO.

The new funding will go directly into programs and initiatives that will strengthen community activities and give parents increased support Squire says. “Northern BC for many years had one of the highest child poverty rates in Canada and the fact is children remain poor because parents remain poor while struggling to do their best. It’s really important to us to make sure this money gets in the hands and the communities that it’s needed in most.”

The UWNBC is the largest non-government fundraiser in the region.