Thirteen colleges and universities across the province including the College of New Caledonia (CNC) received increased access to trades training.

The province opened up 562 additional seats to post-secondary schools that offer foundation and apprenticeship programs.

CNC will receive $173,000 for 48 additional seats. “We will have 16 seats in electrical, 16 seats in our millwright program and 16 seats in our power engineering program and it’s really about meeting labour market demands and reducing wait lists,” says Alyson Gourlay-Cramer, executive director of communications.

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training made the announcement earlier this week and Gourlay-Cramer says the investment is a good start for the newly formed NDP government.

“We are really excited to be partners in supporting our students and ensuring that we are still continuing to invest in their education and providing them opportunities here in northern BC.”

All 48 seats are designated for the Prince George campus.

The seats are for students that will be attending class next month and November.