A referendum is taking place on October 28th in voting for the approval of a new Four Seasons Leisure Pool and main Fire Hall Station.

The vote is also happening in conjunction with Talk-tober and as a result, the City Of Prince George is using the alignment to engage with the public, including open houses and digital town hall meetings.

City Councillor Jillian Merrick believes for voters on the younger side, this will be a great way of capturing their attention.

“There’s lots of reason why people can get involved and of course, there’s also those who don’t see the value of those items and that’s fine that’s their decision, but certainly I envision a community where we have great recreation amenities and public safety amenities well into the future.”

The Four Seasons Pool and Fire Hall #1 can also appeal to all generations as well, given their purposes in the community according to Merrick.

“We know that the current Four Seasons Pool just needs way too much in terms of repair and investment. If we put it downtown and keep it in his current location, demolishing and rebuilding it would probably close it for about three years. So that would be three years of no swimming lessons in the city of Prince George.”

“The fire hall didn’t suit the needs of the fire services. Our dispatch system, which services almost one-third of the province, that was just not up to standards and of course, the big piece of relocating it allows us to serve more of Prince George at a faster time which is important for everybody.”

She believes the public has already highly encouraged these upgrades and new locations, but urges everyone to obtain as many details as they can.

For more information on Talk-tober and the referendum voting, you can click here.