You can breathe easier in Prince George now.

The Ministry of Environment is reporting a consistent improvement in air quality in the city over the past , with a downward trend of “fine particulate matter” in the air.

Executive Director Terry Robert with the Air Improvement Roundtable says a united effort from government and industry have succeeded in reducing emissions since around 2005 / 2006.

He says there are still ways everyone can help make the air even better.

“If we take transportation for example, that’s one key area where I think we could look at additional improvement,” he says. “That’s why we’ve been encouraged to see things like the paving activities that have been taking place, which enhances the movement of people and goods throughout our community, resulting in a cleaner airshed.”

However, the Ministry notes there may be a slight change in the trend this year, thanks to the levels of smoke blowing through the city during wildfires.