First Call BC unveiled the 2017 Child Poverty Report Card on Tuesday and the results aren’t pretty.

Scott Graham is the Associate Director of the Social Development Research Council of BC.

He says a good chunk of Prince George’s youth is still living in poverty.

“Prince George has 17,990 children in total and of that, there are 3,100 children in Prince George that live in poverty, which turns out to be 17.2%.”

The report shows BC’s child poverty rate for kids between the ages of 0-17 in 2015 was 18.3% – representing 153,000 children.

“That amounts to one-in-five children still living in poverty and more of BC continues to have higher rates of child poverty compared to the national average, so all of these things indicate we still have a fair bit of work to do.”

The provincial rate stands have a trickle-down effect, limiting the number of quality opportunities most people take for granted.

“So when we think about these numbers, we have to gear our mind of thinking that behind every one of those numbers is a child that doesn’t have the opportunity to access swimming lessons, clothing they like, educational opportunities and chances to see family who live away,” added Graham.

The poverty rate in Canada is a full point lower than BC’s at 17.4%.