A new survey done by the District Parent Advisory Council(DPAC) shows students aren’t getting enough time to eat their lunch.

An online survey had just under 700 people respond, and it was determined that 47% of kids rarely or never have a chance to finish their food, 51% have to put away lunch and move on, and a reported 57% are hungry after school.

Treasurer for DPAC Sarah Holland says these results aren’t that surprising.

“I know that we have had a number of people talk to us over the years about the concerns about lunch. We typically have get together of PAC executives at times. Lunches and Parking are the two things that tend to provoke a lot of discussion.”

SD57 Board Chair Tim Bennett agrees there needs to be more done about this.

“This is something the board is going to have to explore. It will most likely go to education services or education programs and planning so that they can look at the feedback from the survey and looking at how we can best support the needs of our students in out buildings.”

One of the recommendations from parents is to give students more time, because currently they only have 15 minutes to eat.

A second would be to give more time for kids to run around before they eat, and finally more supervision at lunchtime to ensure they actually finish their meals.