Monday’s regular council meeting saw a report from Councillors Brian Skakun and Frank Everitt on a sanidump no longer in use.

The Quinn Street sanidump was closed in 2013 for cost-cutting reasons, saving the city around $6,000 at the time.

The recommendation from the report is to have administration file a report for the 2018 budget deliberation, it was approved.

“We said to administration we have the infrastructure there still, let’s find out what it’s going to cost to reopen it and they will bring that back during the budget,” explains Skakun.

According to Skakun, the summer wildfires were a contributing factor to this report.

“It created a lot of issues this past summer with the fire evacuees that didn’t have anywhere to go for their sanidump,” says Skakun.

“Plus local residents and tourists had to go to different locations sort-of outside the bowl for the sanidump.”

Deliberations for the 2018 budget are scheduled for January 29th and 31st, 2018.