Prince George city council made the decision at Monday’s regular council meeting to raise the sewer user fee in 2019.

The increase will be three percent, equating to about $10 extra in costs per year for users.

“It’s a minor increase but we expect that, over time, especially with things like climate change that we’re adapting to, and older systems that we’re going to need to be doing that,” says Councillor Garth Frizzell on the need for regular price changes.

The decision was made because of the need for not only operations but also some replacements and infrastructure investment.

This comes after no change to the sewer user fee since 2016.

“There are levels we can get along with and that’s why we’ve had those zero percents for awhile,” Frizzell explains.

“But we saw coming down the pipe there was going to be some increased costs so we wanted to get in front of that.”

The report shows the projected increase in contribution to capital reserve will increase $100,000.