The holiday season may bring lots of joy and kindness, but it can also bring a ton of waste.

The Recycling Council of BC is suggesting ways people can stay green over the holiday season, so you can avoid coal in your stocking next year.

“Gift cards is one, using recycled materials creating your own packaging from dish towels, paper bags and decorating them with the kids there’s just so many options out there.” says Executive director of R.E.A.P.S Terri McClymont.

Other options include opting for a potted tree over an artificial one, switching to led light strings which use 90% less energy, and choosing paper giftwrap that’s 100% recyclable can reduce the cellophane and metallic foil wrappings that end up in landfills.

It’s started to become a trend where people want to be more environmentally friendly when it comes to decorating their homes.

“I get constant ideas forwarded to me in my email. What they’re doing is connecting with the season. So they’re looking at what they can do to create green sustainable decorations, they’re looking at what they can do for individuals, whether it’s giving the gift of time or a movie pass. Really less is more.”

PG residents will have a chance to create their own environmentally friendly decorations when R.E.A.P.S hosts an event on the 16th at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.