The Blackburn Community Association is looking for the public’s thoughts and opinions on the bike park project for the community.

To do this, the group is holding a Community Consultation Open House for the project which will be headed by the Canadian Ramp Company.

“We want the community to come out and voice their opinions and we want to know what they would like to see out in the community,” says Board Member Michelle Kenny.

“We want to make a plan that’s sustainable and something that the entire community will use.”

The project has more significance than just another place for kids to have fun, according to Kenny.

“We just need an area for the community, that the community can enjoy, they can congregate, they can keep our kids safe rather than being on the streets.”

The group hopes to have a final design they can act on early next year.

Kenny says by at least June 2018 they hope to have the bike park built.

The open house is scheduled for 6:00pm on December 11th at the Blackburn Hall.