According to a review, communication and coordination seem to be lacking when it comes to downtown Prince George health services.

Information was gathered from northern health staff, physicians, the city of PG, and other stakeholders on recommendations that could be implemented to improve health care services.

Chief Operating Officer for Northern Interior Penny Anguish says there are a lot of gaps when it comes to services.

“Some of those would include people having access, whether or not there would be a waitlist for services or limited hours for services. Also some concerns around shortages for the in the ability to access care if you don’t have a permanent care provider.”

Other concerns included housing, mental health, and substance use services.

The best way to tackle these issues is by using a wrap-around approach said Anguish.

“So our services are reorganized in a way that ensures that we have continuing care from primary care, the inter professional community care, and than specialized services. And that would organize our services.”

Other recommendations recommended include:

  • Outreach functions / transportation to connect with people where they are.
  • Coordinating care between all service providers – eliminating overlap where possible while recognizing that multiple organizations are still needed;
  • Primary care for the unattached – through a coordinated and integrated service working to attach people to a primary care physician/practice/home.
  • Assess and improve primary care after-hours access.
  • Develop care plans that can help manage longitudinal health care issues while managing episodic interventions.
  • Develop stronger ties to organizations with community programs that already exist as additional supports.

Anguish adds this review was needed and she believes they are on the road to a solution that can meet everyone’s needs.