Weekend number two of Operation Red Nose in Prince George is just around the corner.

About 160 rides were given last Friday and Saturday but that number could have been even higher had it not been a for one issue.

“Motorists need to make sure their license plates are up-to-date and insurance has not expired because if a team gets to the client and their insurance has expired we will not be able to take them home,” says Spokesperson Andrea Johnson.

A situation like that is disappointing, but they still have to follow the law.

“We ran across that two or three times at least on Friday night, obviously we found alternate transportation for them, we called them a cab or made sure that they were okay to get home by another means. We feel bad for them but obviously, they understand why we can’t take them home,” added Johnson.

Between 60 and 100 safe rides home are being predicted for each night this weekend.

Operation Red Nose will have as many as 19 road teams ready to take party-goers home this Friday and Saturday.

Anyone still wishing to volunteer can click here.