Eighty-eight percent of students in BC are studying programs leading to a certificate, degree or diploma.

Statistics Canada unveiled its post-secondary and enrolments survey on Thursday.

The vast majority of them are enrolled in three fields of study.

“The first two are the same as the rest of the country as its Business and Behavioural Sciences but the last one in BC Architecture Engineering and Related Technologies,” says Mychele Gagnon, Analyst.

Over 273,000 students were enrolled at post secondary institutions in the province compared to over two million Canada-wide just two years ago.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The number of international students enrolled at campuses across the province increased in the 2015/16 school year – tripling the national jump.

“In Canada, the number of international students increased by three percent while the increase was nine-point-one percent in British Columbia,” added Gagnon.

In BC, international students who graduate at the bachelor level , 27% of them received a master’s degree while 5% received a doctorate.