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ICBC’s top dog steps down

The President and CEO of ICBC has decided to take the nearest exit in his career.

Mark Blucher is leaving his position after seven years with the second largest insurance company in the country to become head of Central One Credit Union.

However, in a statement, ICBC Board Chair Joy MacPhail says the company is committed to finding a replacement as soon as possible.

“ICBC’s Board and senior management are fully committed to working with government to make both basic rates affordable and ICBC sustainable in the long run. Mark has been a consistent champion of ICBC, customer service, and rate affordability, and we will continue to pursue those principles.”

Blucher spent five years in the big chair and two years as ICBC’s Senior Vice-President of Insurance; he also spent several years prior with finance agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

His last day is December 29th, and ICBC will elect an interim CEO for the short-term.