The weather may not have been comparable to the ice planet of Hoth, but Star Wars fans embraced the cold conditions Thursday night.

All in the hopes of securing a good seat for the saga’s eighth installment, Prince George’s Cineplex theatre saw dozens line up for the first screening of The Last Jedi.

Ashley, who waited in line for more than six hours, explains it’s a new experience each time a new film is released.

“It’s nice to finally get here and be the first one in line and I’m so excited, and I meet so many new people every year just as excited as I am, and we have a little Facebook group now. It’s really like this huge friendship now; I just love it.”

Like herself, other members of Star Wars fandom has been passed down through her family.

“I saw it with my dad and his friend back in the day, and it was pretty amazing; definitely a really good time for me as a kid,” says super-fan Benny, recalling his memory of seeing The Empire Strikes Back in 1980.

“Last year, I lined up outside with the rest of the folks here. Before that, I was actually able to attend ‘The Force Awakens’ in Vancouver. But it’s really always been just lining up to go into the theatre and seeing it on the opening night.”

Some movie-goers dressed up to commemorate the evening with friends and family, from Jedi Knights, to Boba Fett.

The Last Jedi is expected to make more than $45 million on opening night at the box office.