Prince George athletes will get a chance next Saturday to test their strength ,speed and endurance in front of 14 Olympic sports officials.

Last year 12 PG athletes who attended the RBC Training Grounds were asked to do additional testing with a National Sports Organization and received ‘Future Olympian’ funding.

RBC Beach Volleyball Olympian Jamie Broder says PG impressed last year and maybe they’ll do again this year.

“I’ve heard they have quite a lot of talent there. twelve athletes is very impressive to becoming out of a small city and I think that’s why we are excited to come back and see what other talents are there we didn’t see before.”

This Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) initiative is to bring new and undiscovered athletes into Canada’s Olympic talent pool and is one of more than 30 regional combines happening across the country in 2018.

The event applies to all sports, no matter what it is.

“This is the type of thing I wish was around when I was growing up, because one of the hardest decisions as an athlete is to determine which sport will you really excel at and what do you have the best opportunity to pursue the Olympic games in and that can be very challenging.”

The event starts January 20th at 8am at the Charles Jago Northern Sports Centre at UNBC.