It’s not being held in North America, there’s a 17-hour time difference from PyeongChang to Prince George, and there are no NHL players in men’s hockey, but it’s still the Winter Olympics.

No matter where it takes place, and controversies that come with the territory, there’s something special about the Olympics.

Low profile sports get their turn in the much deserved spotlight, countries and their many supporters get to proudly wave their flag, and there’s plenty of drama surrounding the many events.

Northern BC is well represented!

Two of the 225 competing athletes from Canada are from Prince George; Megan Tandy in Biathlon and Meryeta O’Dine in Snowboardcross.

Two others from PG are alternates; Sarah Beaudry in Biathlon and Tiana Gairns in Ski Cross.
Jamie MacDonald of Fort St. James is one of 10-members of the Olympic short-track speed-skating team.

The 122 men and 105 women make up Canada’s largest-ever delegation for a Winter Olympics.

63 of those athletes, or 28%, have a connection to BC.

Canada also has 87 coaches, including Jan Wengelin of Smithers, who is the Head Coach of the Canadian Parallel Giant Slalom team.

The 29-year-old Tandy is no stranger to this level of competition, after participating in 2010 in Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

Prince George’s Megan Tandy competing at 2010 Vancouver Olympics | Team Canada

Her first event will be the Women’s 7.5km Sprint Saturday.

In Sochi, she finished 51st in the individual race and 59th in the sprint,

Tandy is looking for improvement while keeping expectations realistic.

“A lot of my goals are about my personal performance. I can’t control what the other athletes are going to do but what I can control is what I’ve been practicing the last 12 years. I can ski as hard as I can and I can shoot quickly and aggressively. One of my strong points is shooting under pressure,” said Tandy in an interview with

Although she lives in Germany, the DP Todd grad remains grateful for her hometown.

“The reason I am able to pursue this sport is that of volunteer coaches, community ski programs and people dedicating their time and passion on weekends guiding biathlon trips for us as kids, and I really feel like there is an entire ski community in Prince George where I grew up.”

O’Dine gets her first taste of Olympic competition next week.

The 20-year-old Snowboardcross specialist is the top Canadian and sixth in the World Cup standings.

She is excited to represent Tabor Mountain and her Northern BC roots.

“We haven’t had a lot of athletes come out and more often than not we’re a little bit underestimated when it comes to the professional side, which only kinda fuels the fire beneath you and gets you out there and makes you compete a little bit harder.”

O’Dine has had several top 10 results on the World Cup circuit, including a bronze medal showing a year ago in Germany, which gives her confidence heading into competition on the biggest stage.

“Quite a few of the other athletes have a few years on me,” said O’Dine.

“But compared to everyone else, I think for where I stand right now and my years on the World Cup tour I’m coming in pretty good, and I’m confident I’ll be in there with the rest of the top riders.”

The 23-year-old Beaudry is at the Games as an alternate. She is not scheduled to take part in the individual Biathlon races, but there’s a chance she could be picked by the coaches to take part in the relays.

Even if she is only a cheerleader for her teammates, Beaudry can’t wait for the experience.

“It’s definitely pretty exciting and something I’ve been working towards for many years and happy to be there and represent Canada and Prince George.”

The 19-year-old Gairns is not in PyeongChang, but could travel to South Korea on a moment’s notice as a Ski Cross alternate.

“I wasn’t expecting to be in any part of the Olympics at all. Even just being named as an alternate, that was way more than I was expecting. I’m very honoured to be a part of the team.”

MacDonald starts her first event in the 500 metres Saturday; she’s living in Montreal but is grateful for her formative years in Fort St. James.

“I feel like sometimes small towns get overlooked. Anyone can achieve their goals if they go after them. People shouldn’t be surprised to hear athletes are from small communities. It’s hard work, of course. I don’t think I realized how tough it was,” said McDonald in an interview with the Vanderhoof Omenica Express.

Sure, Canadians are looking for medals, but these young women, from our neck of the woods, have made significant sacrifice to accomplish the ultimate in amateur sport.

For reaching this stage, they are all winners, who are living out the Olympic dream.



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