Winterfest was home to many today as it saw hundreds of people head in front of city hall for the event.

Things to do included ice carvings, mini snow golf, and an ice slide, but what did the people who came down enjoy the most?

A number of different people stepped up and it was very clear the ice sculptures peaked most people’s interest.

“The ice sculptures were really neat! We got our picture on the throne which was my favourite,” said one attendee.

As for the kids, they had a different idea of fun.

“Eating chocolate was my favourite part!” one kid said.

“My favourite part was the slide,” said another.

This year seemed to draw in more than the last time around.

“It was just something to come down and enjoy the day and see what’s going on.”

“I was sick last year I was pretty excited that I got to come down this year.”

This was the second Winterfest in Prince George.