Courtesy Prince George Dome/Facebook

It may not be the most popular decision but it makes sense from a business standpoint for Jon Lafontaine and the now Prince George Dome.

The former Prince George Roll-A-Dome dropped half its name while increasing its functionality and general appeal as part of a rebranding strategy.

“We’re trying to showcase to Prince George that its here for all sporting events,” explains Lafontaine.

“Roller skating obviously, with all of the passionate skaters out there and over the years with the roller derby, is one of our biggest users and we’re not taking anything away from that.”

Baseball groups, lacrosse groups, and a basketball academy have already expressed interest as part of this re-branding project.

Lafontaine says he understands some people may be upset with the change, however, hopes they will understand.

“There are a few people that aren’t in favour of changing the Roll-A-Dome which has been there over 35 years but we’re trying to rebrand it and show that it’s not just a roller skating facility and that all these other user groups are really coming on board now.”

The Prince George Dome has also seen some recent renovations including new LED lighting and refinishing gymnasium floors.