Prince George council has voted to approve the closure of 6th Avenue between Dominion Street and Quebec Street.

The reason is for when the land will be sold for the purpose of building a new hotel on the block.

“Seeing this coming in our town, and new other new buildings, and all of it downtown, I think we are not just building new houses and hotels, we are really revitalizing, in a certain way, downtown,” says Councillor Albert Koehler.

It’s not just about the aesthetics, however, as Koehler notes this will help to bring in major tourism opportunities not currently viable.

“We have to go out to all larger conferences, we have to go to Kelowna, Whistler, and to Vancouver,” he explains.

“But with the new hotel, and this potentially happening, we will be in the position to host large conferences.”

Once the land is sold, the new hotel would be built next to the new Four Seasons Pool.