What do transit, jobs, and the downtown have in common? They are all at the top of the list of student needs and wants according to the Select Committee on Student Needs.

There was one other topic that shot up the list in terms of importance to students.

“Some of the technologies that are brought on by our industrial partners don’t get championed and a lot of students don’t even know exist,” says Committee Chair and City Councillor Jillian Merrick.

“So I think it’s a great opportunity not only for council to learn where students would like to see improved measures on the environment, but also for students to learn where the City has made market improvements.”

The committee takes a look at priorities, policies, and strategies produced by the City of Prince George and advises on how they affect student and student life in PG.

These issues are not always as cut and dry, however, says Merrick.

“The City, for example, has direct influence over transit service, it does not have direct influence over employment opportunities in the city,” she explains.

“So a lot of it’s about building partnerships, getting the students’ story out in the community so that employers, businesses, landlords, and tenants understand what life is like for students.”

One thing listed as a potential want for students is an all-student BBQ which Merrick says could be listed under the “quick fix” column, whereas other issues, like the environment, are more long-term projects.