The City of Prince George has confirmed the sale of the Connaught Motor Inn, so what does this mean moving forward?

“A complete update to that building. We know that it’s an older building and needs a tremendous amount of work,” explains Mayor Lyn Hall.

“But it certainly, I think, structurally is sound and there is a huge opportunity there.”

The developer comes from outside of Prince George.

When confirming the sale, Hall noted he’s excited to see the once-popular site get the restoration it’s needed for the last few years.

“The Connaught Motor Inn was the place to stay in its day and now with the new developer and, particularly, his desire to enhance that entire site, I think it will come back on the map as one of the places to stay.”

The Connaught Motor Inn originally had its business licence stripped in May 2016 due to crime and security issues.