Andy Beesley; Prince George Cougars Vice President, Business | Matt Fetinko, My PG Now

The Prince George Cougars and Ridgeline Roofing are now accepting nominations for their new project, Pay it Forward Welcome Home.

The pair will build on a previous partnership which saw a roof built for a deserving family. The new project will see the group, along with local contractors and tradespeople, build a new house for one family.

How does a project like this get set in motion? Cougars Vice President of Business, Andy Beesley, explains.

“We pounce all over [businesses] and say ‘let’s brainstorm’, sometimes it’s a dud idea but other times we come up with something that’s just so crazy and outrageous we talk about it a second time, and then a third time, and then a fourth time, and before we knew it we said ‘let’s do it’; so it’s very organic.”

The home will be centrally located to accommodate for any shortcomings or challenges the family may be facing. It will not, however, be an extraordinary mansion like what is seen on Extreme Home Makeover says Ridgeline Owner Josh Eisworth.

“The house itself is going to be something that’s very practical, efficient, we’re going to make this adorable craftsman style house, three or four bedrooms,” he says, stressing they do not want the home to be a financial burden with various taxes that would be put on a multimillion-dollar property.

“It’s not going to be huge, we need it to be efficient. So the idea is to just make it super functional and practical.”

A closing date for nominations has yet to be announced.