Four dental care locations in Prince George are celebrating National Oral Month by providing free dental check-ups and cleanings for patrons of the Council of Seniors, as part of the ‘Give Back, Smile Program.

This is to raise awareness of the importance of oral health, which is overlooked by people who earn low-income, making it a struggle to afford treatments.

Family Dental Care’s Dr. David Waller says having an oral problem can cause other symptoms for the elderly.

Dr. David Waller of Family Dental Care – Downtown | Jeff Slack, MyPGNow

“Poor oral healthcare contributes to a lot of systemic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and it seems to be because of cost.”

There is no universal dental care like there is for healthcare and it can create issues for the elderly who may have other medical problems that cost less and are more accessible .

“Much like medicine, if we can get basic dentistry available for those people who don’t have accessibility to other funding or other insurance plans, it could help maintain their health and oral health, so they don’t lose their teeth,” says Dr. Waller

Family Dental Care Downtown, Spruceland, River Point, and College Heights are talking part in this today and all day tomorrow.