Solicitor General Mark Farnworth says they are bringing ticketing “into the 21st century”.

Prince George Municipal and North District RCMP will be joining a pilot project that started last month with the Delta Police Department on eTicketing. PG and North District will begin the pilot Monday, April 16th.

“The officer will now be able to take the drivers’ licence, swipe it, and all the information is immediately put into the machine address, like your credit card, and it will print out the ticket,” explains Farnworth.

“It’s faster for everybody, the record is far more accurate, and so it’s a much more efficient way of ticketing.”

The project will reach five total jurisdictions; Delta and Vancouver have already been on, PG and North District will begin Monday, and the Capital Regional District Integrated Road Safety Unit will begin later this month.

The project is geared to make roads safer with more accurate and faster ticketing, while also eliminating the chance of human error.

“If you think that a technicality is going to get you out of your ticket because a box wasn’t checked off, that’s not going to happen,” Farnworth says.

“People who may have escaped the financial penalty will be dinged with a financial penalty.”

You will be able to pay an eTicket through a new online payment service, PayBC, or current payment options.

Reports will be read to the Ministry of Public Safety in the summer to consider provincial rollout for eTicketing. The program ends in mid-May.