The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund in BC is receiving two-million dollars from the province.

In the early 1900s there were about 40,000 caribou in BC, while today there are about 19,000 remaining.

It’s about building the numbers back up according to Minister of Forests Doug Donaldson.

“There are over 50 specific breeds in BC with some not doing very well while others are doing a little bit better we want to make sure we have some means to do that restoration because the main factor is ensuring that we sustain populations and also growing them.”

“Some of the restoration involves tree planting, fertilization of the ground and vegetative areas and that kind of work, so it’s good work outdoors on the land base and we’ll see that rolling out in areas of the northeast especially where we are focusing on the herds this year.”

The habitat restoration will be focused in the Peace Area, Boreal Hurd and South Central Hurd areas this year.

Places like roads, trails and right-of-ways have changed the landscape on where caribou live making them vulnerable to wolves, cougars and bears.

For those who like to hunt, Donaldson encourages those to exercise caution in the back country following last year’s record-breaking wildfire season.

“We want them to be vigilant when using the back country as spring turns into summer and conditions dry up and to make sure your they’re thought process is not conducive to spreading or starting wildfires.”

Since 1981, the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund has invested over $170 million dollars to support 2,500 conservation projects in BC.