A local resident is reinventing the way we play indoor hockey with is creation called “Precision Puck”.

Mark Poruchny wants to phase out the traditional orange plastic ball and replace it with a soft felt puck that is safer and more durable.

He says he was sick of the other options for indoor hockey.

“Balls have to be rolled and they waver and they hurt if you get hit by them, it’s not a puck. The other pucks available, like the plastic puck, would split, they are to light and don’t have the same dynamics as a hockey puck.”

Poruchny has been working on this creation for about 20 years and after constant trial and error, he was able to create a puck that’s identical to an ice hockey puck.

“I started hand sewing hockey pucks with limited success and I kept looking at these hand sewed pucks and saying I want a puck where the felt now slides on the floor.”

Poruchny pitched his idea to Dragon Den reps when they came to the Northern Capital, and is presenting his invention to the Dragons today.

He had previously been on Dragon’s Den to pitch his puck idea back in 2003, but had no success convincing the dragons.