A pair of local artists are receiving $1,000 to put on a Beading and Healing activity for BC Culture Days. The money is split in half, $500 for production budget and $500 of Artist Honourarium.

Lynette La Fontaine and Michael Kast are two of the 2018 Ambassador and Awards program winners. Kast explains what the Beading and Healing project entails.

“What we’re looking at is a multimedia, multi-exposure thing with Lynette’s beading and my photography and doing multiple exposures with non-Indigenous folks using Indigenous beadwork as a double-exposure type thing as a way of Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities healing.”

The two will also act as a spokesperson for BC Culture Days leading up to the Culture Days weekend, which runs September 28th – 30th.

They will engage in discussions around arts and culture, and encourage the public to participate closer with the weekend festivities.

“People [can] get ahold of me through the BC Culture Days website,” says Kast.

“I would love to show up at their events and talk about BC Culture Days and how they can get involved in it as well.”

Kast is also putting on a guerrilla-style graffiti project where the public can create art using street chalk and have it photographed.

Culture Days raises the awareness, accessibility, participation, and engagement of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. It is a collaborative movement providing free, hands-on, and interactive arts and culture activities to communities across the country.