Residents on Farrell Street near Paddelwheel Park are under an evacuation alert due to a risk of flooding in that area.

This alert is to advise people in the area to be prepared to leave their properties if a full evacuation order is given.

“Farrell Street is our lowest point along the Fraser and it’s our typical issue area each spring,” says Deputy Fire Chief Cliff Warner. “We did that last night, we issued alerts to the residents on Farrell Street just to let them know if the river continues to rise we may be in a position to evacuate them from their homes.”

Alerts were distributed to 18 homes by Prince George Fire Rescue Service members.

The warning was given out because the level of the Fraser River is nearing the 9.0 metre mark, and flooding could start when levels reach 9.4 metres.

If the situation worsens the City is prepared to help those affected.

“They’ll be issued an evacuation order where a reception centre will be set up and people will have the opportunity, if they need it, to receive additional support from the city and the province until the issue subsides,” added Warner.

Residents are strongly advised to have an emergency kit ready so they can leave their residence in an event of an evacuation order. For more information about the kits click here.

Crews are installing barriers along Farrell Street and Regents Crescent.

The BC River Forecast is predicting that the river may begin to flood later this week.