Two Rivers Gallery unveiled the 2018 KidzArt Dayz logo, showcasing a child and their pet in a submarine surrounded by art supplies looking for adventure. It was designed by Vancouver artist Jenny Hsieh.

Creativity will be celebrated through art, music, and movement at the event. This will be showcased though a variety of activities and performances, including a family yoga session, a Zumba Fitness dance party, Andy the Musical Scientist, and Alberta’s Hula Hoop Circus.

Coordinator Sebastian Nicholson says it will have something for everyone.

“There’s a lot of hooks for a lot of different kids to really get excited about, and get involved in, art in their own capacity whatever that is for them.”

Last year brought in about 10,000 kids and this year Nicholson expects even more. He notes the importance of arts for young people.

“I think art really develops a sense of exploration and imagination,” explains Nicholson.

“What do you think about that makes you happy? Art is all about expression and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to share that whichever way that is for you.”

KidzArt Dayz is July 6th and 7th.