Prince George City Council has voted to affirm the business licence cancellation of WeeMedical Dispensary Society located at 1479 3rd Avenue.

The decision was made at a hearing Wednesday night in connection with an appeal by WeeMedical regarding an original decision to cancel the licence.

“One of our managers from development services as well as the RCMP testified [Wednesday] evening that [WeeMedical] was selling cannabis from that location which is illegal,” explains Mayor Lyn Hall.

“That’s the crux of the presentation that was made to council [Wednesday] by our lawyer.”

WeeMedical was scheduled in the agenda to have opening remarks and was able to call witnesses, however, no representative showed up. Hall says the City followed the same procedure as any other public hearing.

“In any public hearing, we give both sides of the issue an opportunity to come in and speak and why they chose not to I’m not certain, I can only guess and I really don’t want to do that.”

All five present councillors and the Mayor voted to cancel the licence. Hall was joined by councillors Frizzell, Skakun, Krause, Merrick, and Koehler.

Council had two other options to vote on, to reinstate the licence or to suspend it. Council’s decision was unanimous.