Dutch Canadians gathered in front of City Hall to share their stories and give thanks to Canadian soldiers who liberated their country in 1945.

The annual Tulip Commemoration looks back at the Second World War when Canadians were given the task to free the Netherlands from the grasp of the Nazi occupation.

Johan Janson sharing his story about growing up after the Canadians liberated the Netherlands | Jeff Slack, MyPGNow

Every year, the Dutch community comes out to give thanks at the sacrifice Canada made to save millions from sickness and starvation.

Johan Janson grew up in Holland in the 1950’s and says Canada has always been a country to make a difference through peace.

“Canada’s not out there to throw their weight around, or so I think, but actually try and make a peaceful contribution. I honestly think that Canada is the embodiment of fighting for peace.”

“It’s incredibly important we never forget what leads to these things. That’s why the Dutch should never forget what happened and the Dutch should never forget who liberated us. Canadians should never forget what they have done.”

Every year since the war, the Netherlands has sent thousands of tulips to Ottawa, in appreciation for Canada’s sacrifice.

More than 7,000 Canadians died in their efforts to free the country.