The Little Prince Steam Engine is having major repairs for the first time in six years as about 400 ties are being replaced.

Exploration Place CEO Tracy Calogheros says once it is complete, the Little Prince should be good to go.

“The brake problem that we were having earlier on this season has been rectified so now it really is just reassembling the engine, firing it up to make sure there are no other problems that we haven’t hit upon yet, and waiting for A & B Rail to get the rails themselves back in passenger-ready shape.”

As for the brake issue, Calogheros says it is just a symptom of age for the steam engine.

“That’s the big gamble every year. Once we fire it up and put it under pressure, then we check for a variety of possible problems from the steam injectors through to boiler leaks,” she explains.

“It had its hydrostatic tests done this year so I am, knock on wood, quite hopeful that the last mechanical issue we will have for this season was around those brakes.”

Calogheros hopes to open the Little Prince this weekend.