Prince George’s Cruzin Classics club (PGCC) is hosting its annual Show’n Shine this Father’s Day.

The event is a one-stop shop for people to get a look at all the classic cars on display from their owners.

Participation numbers have remained strong according to PGCC President Rick Fewster.

“We usually have between 350 to 400 participants and that’s everything from classic cars to four-wheel drive cars and of course PGARA has had cars in the past and motorcycles have been there too.”

Due to the climate in the northern capital, classic car owners tend to baby their nostalgic vehicles a little bit more than most.

“People will bring them on a trailer and then take them home on a trailer. We have a few different things that people get to see, we have vehicles that are a toy tractor, like a grader that is six or eight feet long and instead of being a full-size it is like a model but it works. Those are pretty neat to see.”

“Living in Prince George, we tend to have winter for six months a year and then the spring with all the rocks, when you spend a lot of money on your vehicle and then you get rock chips, it’s not desirable for people who have classic cars as they tend to baby them a bit more and I like to see them out driven. To me, if you are going to spend a lot of money and not drive your car I don’t get that part, I like to drive them.”

The Show’n Shine runs from 12PM to 4PM at L’heidli T’enneh Memorial Park.

– with files from Brendan Pawliw, My PG Now