Making the North appealing for people to work was the main focus of the Small Business Task Force in Prince George.

Local entrepreneurs say the lack of housing is preventing them from obtaining skilled workers in certain areas.

“It’s not even as simple as creating housing or having a unique downtown for them to have a lifestyle, it’s more about what kind of worker you are attracting,” says Shahraz Kassam.

“If you are attracting a tech worker you’re going to need a two or three bedroom townhouse. If you are attracting short term workers then condos may be good. I think municipalities have to work with companies to navigate that and create the right kind of environment.”

Retaining employees was also brought up because when people come here they only stay for two or three years then move somewhere else added Kassam.

The feedback from the task force will be compiled into a final report and posted to their website before presenting the document to the government.