Affordability, credit checks, and not discriminating against individuals were key challenges brought up at the Housing Task force in Prince George.

Government members visited the Northern Capital as part of a tour of the province to hear from landlords and renters about what can be done to the rental laws in bc.

People were separated into groups of rental housing providers and renters where they discussed the issues and solutions they could bring forward to the NDP government.

Landowner Kenneth Tombs says the reason why rent gets to be so high is because of the taxes the city brings down on them.

“The City keeps raising all the taxes and our utilities but we are only allowed to raise a certain amount. It puts you in a bad spot.”

Kenneth suggests the government should pay the difference to rental owners so they can keep up with rising costs.

Renter Judy Mitchell says if the province can introduce more supportive housing then they will see results in those living in poverty.

“What we need is supportive gradual housing where people can learn the life skills they need to maintain and continue living in their own home.”

“One thing that really gets me is The cost of rent for the quality of housing. We have people who are paying for a room that has bedbugs and the landlords decided they aren’t responsible for it.”

A full report on recommendations on rental laws won’t be released until the fall.