Northern residents are hitting the water this weekend for the Northern Hardware Canoe Race.

The event was once known as the most prestigious canoe race in North America between 1960 to 1984 before going on hiatus for 30 years and being reintroduced in 2015.

Organizers are expecting good conditions due to the amount of water in the rivers.

“I’d say it’s medium hight from the time I paddled on it,” says Patrick Turner, Organizer. “All the rapids we ran yesterday are very challenging. Paddlers are going to need to keep their wits about them.”

Turner says this race is unique compared to others that take place in Canada.

“One its length. And two, we got these two fabulous areas of rapids down the Nechako and Fraser.”

Typically they have over 100 paddlers, but this year may see less.

“Prince George, being a last-minute town for sign-ups or commitments, is sitting around 50 right now and we have guarded optimism in terms of numbers. We know there are lots of people out there and have other commitments,” says Turner.

The last three years the event has been raising money for the Frozen Warriors, awarding schools with at least a thousand dollars to help kids get out to Otway and ski.

The race is this Saturday with registration ending tomorrow at midnight.