Sixteen dogs have been seized from a property in Quesnel courtesy of the BC SPCA.

Several breeds including a German Sheppard, Yorkshire Terrier, and a retriever were among those rescued.

According to the animal rights group, the dogs were being kept in crates too small for their size with little to no access to water.

The area was poorly ventilated and also included feces or urine-soaked matting.

Karin and Catherine Adams had the dogs and were known to the BC SPCA following an animal cruelty conviction in 2015 in Houston.

Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer Marcie Moriarty says the pair were already facing charges a 20-year animal ban, so it only gets worse from there.

“Well, a twenty-year ban is good but a lifetime ban is even better and so we would be hoping in this case if they are convicted that they get a lifetime ban of not only owning but caring for and being in the company of animals.”

It’s pretty safe to say the pair did not learn from their previous mistakes.

“Then they preceded to move to Alberta where they again got in trouble with the law with respect to animals in distress and did face additional charges there and  of course they are back in BC doing this, which is extremely troubling.”

Over 100 animals were seized from their care three years ago where Karin was sentenced to 15 days in jail and two years probation.

Catherine was also found guilty of two separate counts in Hanna, Alberta.

Altogether, 60 dogs have been seized by the SPCA in two separate investigations involving the mother-daughter duo.

A separate case in Williams Lake was also reported back in February where had 46 dogs or puppies at his rural property and was later charged with two counts of animal cruelty.

New charges could be laid and the investigation is ongoing.

The dogs are now in care at SPCA shelters in the region.