The BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres has appointed Shyla Elgie of Prince George as its youth rep.

Elgie has already spent a year on the Board of Directors, three years on the Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council, and has been around the Prince George Native Friendship Centre for most of her life.

“I started volunteering [at the PG Native Friendship Centre] at a very young age and I’ve also worked here in various roles,” she says.

“I’ve been the youth rep at the PG Native Friendship Centre since I was 18 and that’s around the time that I got elected onto the Provincial Aboriginal Youth Council.”

Elgie will act as a liaison between the PAYC and the Board of Directors for the BCAAFC. Heading the youth council, she will startup initiatives and partnerships with various aboriginal youth organizations and plan the youth conference Gathering Our Voices.

Being the only rep from northern BC, Elgie usually will bring up issues pertaining to the north at provincial and federal meetings.

“One of the biggest issues is that youth aging out don’t have the support and that’s when you get the high rates of youth homelessness,” she explains.

“Also education, I think it’s really important that the youth in care have support in continuing to go to school and get a post-secondary education.”

Elgie will stay on for a two-year term.