Local soccer fans wanting their footy fix on Sunday morning won’t have to travel far to get it.

The Canadian Brewhouse in Prince George is one of the only establishments opening at 8 AM for the highly-anticipated World Cup Final between France and Croatia.

The epic tournament has been well received by the public, with one team getting most of the support.

“By far the biggest crowd that I had in here was Portugal, a friend told me that he was going to have the Portuguese community to come out and watch the game and first he said 20 and then he said 30 and then he texted me and said 60,” says JP Garcia-Silva Perez, General Manager.

“It was a Saturday morning and we must have had 80 people here.”

It’s important for the bar to meet the needs of their regulars, especially when it comes to some of the larger sporting events on the map, even if that means opening the doors earlier than normal.

“We’re mostly doing it for our regulars and for the people that come here and watch soccer, an event as big as this one you want to be surrounded by people who have the same passion as you and we’re just offering them a place where they can come and watch it and cheer and clap.”

“I know that down in Edmonton before there was a brewhouse here in Prince George,  Canada played a hockey final at 3 AM there was a large line of people who wanted to get in the brewhouse and all they could serve was coffee because they weren’t even allowed to serve food at that time and we opened up the brewhouse for them to know that it doesn’t matter what time it is they are always welcome and offer them a chance to watch their sport of choice,” added Garcia-Silva Perez.

Anyone who wants to have breakfast is in luck.

“There is going to be brunch right from 8 AM until 4 PM, we’ll be able to start serving some liquor right at 10 for those who want to celebrate.”