It’s a Canadian first for post-secondary education and it’s happening in Northern BC.

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) has put together a partnership with a career college centre in China, which will bring Chinese students to the Prince George campus starting in 2021.

CNC’s International Education Operations Coordinator Tony Mei says the Australian International Career Centre (AICC) already has 20 locations at vocational schools in China’s Zhejiang province.

“They have a physical office at each of those schools to help students prepare for their study abroad journey they’re going to take over three years. So, once we hit every year, we’re going to have a student that is prepared to come to CNC and choose their career.”

Recently, CNC international students have spoken freely about how adjusting to life in Canada has become difficult, as well as finding financial support since they pay more.

Mei explains it’s important to help these new students, wanting to experience Canadian education.

“[To be clear,] we’re not trying to increase the maximum number, we are trying to create a diversity among the student body. We will see in that three-year time about, for example, anywhere from 40, 80, or 100, something like that, just to bring more diversity among the student body.”

He says the AICC is also hoping to open an exclusive office in BC to support its students studying over here.