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Northern Health praises new CATT online tool to help detect and prevent concussions

The issue of concussions continues to rear its ugly head with more and more athletes coming forward about the impacts the injury has had on their long-term health.

A recent survey from the Public Health Agency of Canada says less than half of Canadians can identify symptoms and only half knew what to do if someone had a concussion.

Northern Health is touting a made-in-BC online website called CATT, which has the most up-to-date information.

“There is video, there is information for medical professionals, parents, professionals, coaches, and educators everyone can find a piece for the education on concussions on that CATT online website,” says Denise Foucher, Population Health Regional Nursing Lead.

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Concussions continue to be brought up in professional sports leagues like the NFL and NHL where many retired players have fallen on hard times due to the amount of head contact they endured – some ex-players have even died from the symptoms they experienced and the lack of treatment options available.

Playing a sport within its guidelines can go a long way in preventing concussions.

“Promoting fair play is important in any sport or recreation activity that people are doing so that they are using the rules and the regulations that will help keep all the players safe and coming back the next day to be playing without any concussion concerns.”

On the positive side, Foucher believes people in communities are becoming more aware of what a concussion is and where to turn to for the right medical information, which should in-turn decrease the number of severe cases.

“Certainly asking your medical professional on whether you’ve had a bump or a jump or a fall or somebody watching a soccer game or a hockey game has that extra training than the conversation happens in the community with your friends and your family.”

“The more that people share about what they know about concussions they support that people talk about it, they’re not hiding it, they’re not concerned they’re not going to get played on the team or they won’t get back to work really makes for quick assessment of a concussion, good management and a return to work, school or play.”

A link to the site can be found here.

A Concussion Incident Report can also be accessed by clicking on this link.

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